We understand more than numbers.

We are a team of Management Accountants who believe in the power of integrated solutions to solve any accounting or finance problem. We understand the sensitive nature of peeking behind the curtain, to examine the inner workings of your business and approach every client’s financials with empathy, deep industry knowledge and a creative mindset to deliver outstanding results.


With a collective 100 years of experience across our growing team and roots as a family business, we understand the importance of continuity and client service to deliver innovative solutions to complex problems. We immerse ourselves in your business to ensure we can roll up our sleeves and leave no stone unturned.

We have cultivated a first-class network of experts that enable delivery of solutions across chartered accounting, finance, brokerage, taxation, banking, economics and legal. We take pride in connecting these essential business components for your business, so your accounting strategy sings. 

What our clients say

The team from Ernest & Lloyd have helped me navigate countless business obstacles as well as opportunities, over the past 20 years. Their advice and guidance is second to none.

I can honestly say, my business would not be where it is today without the help of Keith and the team at Ernest & Lloyd.

Peter Barrie, Basegroup Building

We add value

Good accounting is the backbone of your business and if it’s done right, it should create value. We operate on the premise that great accounting should grow your business.

We integrate solutions

Your finances don’t happen in isolation - they intersect with your legal, tax and business strategy solutions. We make sure all the moving parts speak to one another.

We think laterally

No two businesses are the same, and neither are their accounting solutions. Our hands-on approach lets us think outside the box to deliver creative solutions, designed for your business.

Expert team, expert solutions.

Every practitioner at Ernest & Lloyd is an expert in their field. We work as a team, to deliver holistic solutions built from a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Our hands-on approach means that no question or query is left unanswered. If you come to Ernest in Lloyd in the dark, we will light up the right pathway for your business to walk.

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